Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Exploring Musical Instruments

Before we start designing and creating our own musical instruments we needed to find out different ways instruments could be played.
We also wanted to find out how we could make the instrument play loud, soft, high and low sounds. 
Here we are experimenting and recording our findings. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Learning about instruments

Today we had Shaun O'Kane visit our class from Musiqhub.
He showed us some different instruments and explained to us how they work.

Brass Instruments
He taught us how brass instruments make sound by blowing or 'buzzing'.
He said you stretch your lips like an e, then blow them together like a b.

He moved the trombone slide down longer or up shorter to change the note.
He said if he blowed gently, it was a quiet sound
If he blowed hard it was a loud sound

On the trumpet, he moved his fingers on the valves, it opened and closed the pipes and made them longer or shorter. That made the notes higher (a short pipe) or lower (a long pipe).
He could change the sound without moving his fingers too.
If he changed his mouth so his lips were tighter, he could play different notes called 'overtones'

The saxophone is a conical pipe - it gets wider as it goes down.
The buttons open holes to make the pipe long or short.
You can blow harder to get higher notes called overtones.
As he opened up the holes, the notes got higher.
The saxophone and clarinet have a reed mouthpiece
When you blow, the reed vibrates.
The saxophone didn't sound very good without the reed!
It sounded funny with a trumpet mouthpiece on!

We learnt a lot about sound!
Check out our video!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Bio Poems

A few poems we wrote about ourselves. 

Amazing, pretty, playful
Who enjoys playing with her friends
Who feels happy when her mum gives her a hug
Who wonders where the Easter Bunny lives
Who fears Rangitoto will erupt
Who dreams of travelling the world.

Amazing, creative, playful
Who enjoys soccer, cricket and rugby
Who feels happy when helping others
Who feels excited when birthdays come
Who dreams about being the smartest person. 

Loyal, helpful, kind
Who enjoys reading books
Who feels happy when he is with his family
Who wonders about life on different planets
Who is scared of global warming
Who cares about jaguars leaping in the jungle
Who is able to climb mountains
Who dreams of being a super hero.

Crafty, smart, confident
Who enjoys biking, ice skating and playing with friends
Who is able to ski over bumps and a flip into a pool
Who feels scared when walking over a glass bridge
Who cares about family and friends
Who wonders where unicorns live
Who dreams about having a real unicorn as a pet.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Team 20's Blog 2018
Learning and relationship building is well underway. 

Here are a few snaps from our maths lesson. 
We were interviewing our class mates to gather data to make a bar graph to show the house colours in Team 20. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hockey Time

Nic from Auckland Hockey came and taught us some basic hockey skills.
Here is a video of us having fun giving it a go!


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cheetah Poems

Here are some of our cheetah poems based on this slow motion video.

Sprinting like a golden bullet,
Long tail floating in the air,
Legs knotting into a huge ball,
Stretching legs as long as rope,
Greatest speed of lighting,
Speedy Cheetah!
By Sophie S

The Cheetah
Powerful balanced tail,
Visible strong leg muscles,
Bright gold shooting bullet,
Fast as the speed of light,
Very firm steady head,
Leaping, pouncing, creature,
Metal like feet digging in the ground,
By Max

Looks like a golden dart,
Long body stretching,
Sprinting like the wind,
Powerful paws,
Balancing tail,
Steady head,
By Craig

Golden spotted machine,
Bunching its hind and front legs together,
A bullet of muscle,
A  hard rock head,
Steady tail,
Black, golden, white
By Grace

Strong speedy cheetah,
Stretching, leaping, pouncing, flying, body
Ripping the ground with powerful claws,
Faster than a horse,
Powerful balanced tail
A golden animal bullet,
Striking it’s prey with a

By Michael